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Our coating products have been developed to perfection over 30 years. They have successfully stood the test of time with consistent and reliable performance!

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Duraklad is the best coating solution if you are looking for a top quality paint to protect the exterior and interior of your home/ building over the long term.

  • Interior Walls
  • Exterior Walls

Retail Distribution- Boland

International Paint Export- Africa

Retail Distribution- Somerset West

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What our customers say

Duraklad is an awesome product, extremely reliable and great to work with
George Jacinto
Jacinto Building Contractors
I have previously painted my house with Duraklad in 2001 and it's still good as new
Neil Adendorff
Home Owner, Gordon's Bay
Awesome product! Recently painted 9 houses with absolutely no issues
at all
Bennie Meyer
Home Owner, Bel Aire Estate
Duraklad is definitely the best product on the market, use it
as much as
I can
Francois Olivier
Paint Contractor, PF Painters
Customers insisted on using Duraklad to repaint their home after 9 years, just to change the colour
Pieter Verburg
Paint Contractor, WW Painter


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