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The Duraklad Story

Since its inception in 1994, Duraklad Paints has not only grown to be one of the most  sustainable manufacturers of coating products in South Africa, but also spreading its wings to the global market.

For 25 years we have been determined to be leaders in our industry to manufacture and market innovative products of superior quality. All our products are being manufactured to the standards of a Quality Management System – Iso 9001. This would also be to operate a safe, clean and friendly workplace, to observe the highest ethical and legal standards in business conduct and to reward our stakeholders.

The pursuit of excellence is a commitment, not an achievement. This commitment is a vital part of our culture. It is a pledge that joins every Duraklad employee together in service to our customers and stakeholders.

While creating a mutually beneficial relationship between human progress and sustainable economical growth while uplifting the community in which we operate.

Duraklad’s performance stood the test of time and will serve you a lifetime. Duraklad is our flagship product. It has proven itself and remains one of the best paint coating products in the world. It is supported by ground breaking nano-fiber technology. The testimonials from our customers over the past 25 years confirm the superior qualities and staying power of this truly magnificent product.

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