Some quick DIY paint tips to make sure your next paint project is flawless.

We all love that satisfying feeling of completing a DIY paint project with our own hands. It is one of those rewarding little things in life, which give us a tremendous feeling of accomplishment.

When tackling a DIY paint project, it is always preferable to plan and prepare as much as possible in advance, to help you minimize wasted time and energy. 

Here are 7 quick tips to help you keep things clean and efficient on your next DIY painting project:

1. Wrap your Paint Rollers

paint floor cover

A great idea to keep your paint rollers fresh overnight, without having to clean them, is by wrapping them up in Cling Wrap (also known as “Glad Wrap”). Store them in a dry place for up to 2 days.

2. Plate your Paint cans

Paint can plate

To prevent your paint can from dripping on the floor, you can glue a paper plate to the bottom of the paint can. Be sure that the paper plate is at least 2-4cm wider than the diameter of the paint can.

3.Kill the Paint fumes

Paint Fumes

Those paint fumes can linger for a while after you have painted a room out. An excellent way to absorb these fumes is to place some bowls of coffee grounds in the room.

4. Oil it up

Cleaning Paint

An effective way to clean both oil-based and water-based paint off your skin, is to use some baby oil. Rub the oil on the skin area and leave for 3 minutes to soak. After soaking, gently rub off the paint.

5. Tape can save your project

Painter's tape

Always, always, always use painter’s tape when painting edges and trimmings. It is never a good idea to rely on your trusty “steady hands” when finishing off a painting project.

6. Listen to the weatherman

weather to paint

Never rush a painting project and risk it by painting when it is too cold or humid. The paint will simply dry too slow in rainy weather and can cause a host of other problems. Be patient and rather wait for dry weather.

7. Cover it up

paint floor cover

Be sure to cover up any areas that you don’t want to mess paint on. You won’t be sorry that you took the time to protect your furniture and floor area with the appropriate drop sheets.

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