Selecting the perfect colour scheme for a room can be quite a difficult task, especially since the human eye can see up to 7 million different colours. So where exactly do you start with picking the right colour combination?

While it might seem very tempting to go overboard and create your own funky concoction of bursting colours, we suggest that you consider having a look at these 5 simple colour schemes first:

1. Light Blue & White

Blue and White Room Colour Scheme

The colour combination of light blue & white is a great option to create a friendly and inviting feeling. It is an extremely common combination used for coastal homes, as it fits the scenery perfectly and adds to the atmosphere of the ocean.

2. Red, White & Black

Colour scheme for room

This is the perfect colour scheme for a modern bedroom. Since red is a very energetic colour, it’s the perfect contrast to add to the classic combination of black and white. It screams vibrant with a mix of classic.

3. Dark Gray with Beige


Gray is a very neutral colour that helps to create a very relaxed atmosphere. It can easily be complimented by adding some hints of beige into the mix.

4. Sage and Stone Gray

Stone Gray and Sage

An absolute perfect colour combination for a room that has a lot of natural light coming in. It might not be a very vibrant colour scheme, but it gives a nice earthy atmosphere.

5. Navy Blue and Brown

Navy Blue & Brown

Navy Blue and Brown is also a very neutral combination. A touch of white works very well with this colour scheme. These colours will help to create a calm and cozy feeling. The best type of brown to use would be a medium-dark brown, almost similar to a coffee colour.

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