Have you ever considered changing the colour of your home’s exterior? It can be a very exciting change of scenery that leaves your property with a completely new atmosphere.

Different colour combinations will indeed have a different effect on the overall look and vibe of your home. That is why you should be in no rush to pick the best suited colour scheme and be very aware of how the colours will affect your home’s appearance.

Here are some interesting colour combinations to consider:

1. White, Red & Black


Definitely a very modern look (which is not for everyone). A strikingly red front door can create amazing contrast when surrounded by white walls. It is a simple and vibrant combination.

2. White and Mediterranean Blue

White and Navy Blue

You can’t help but think of coastal paradise when you see a combination of these two colours. It has a very clean and fresh look, which is a rather popular choice for coastal homes. The majority colour should be white, with only small amounts of blue used in-between.

3.Yellow & White

Yellow and white

White window frames and bands will create a balanced combination with dominant yellow walls. It can establish a picturesque Mexican sunset feeling. This colour combination is also a perfect fit for Spanish style homes.

4. White & Clay Red


Similar to the white, red & black scheme, it creates quite a striking contrast. Dominant white creates a fresh and clean look. The red clay is perfect for the roof and even the window frames. This scheme works exceptionally well on homes with a lot of exterior wood surfaces, as the natural dark brown of the wood blends seamlessly into the main colours.

5.Gray & White

Grey and white

Maybe you’re thinking it’s too dull, neutral, boring or just plain depressing. Nonetheless, there is absolutely no denying the extreme popularity of this colour scheme. The beauty of this combination has to be its versatility, since it can be used with a wide range of grays and it is even possible to use more than one gray in the same scheme. The mixture of white, light gray and dark gray can do absolute wonders for your home!

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