There is a lot to consider when deciding on the right type of paint to use for your home’s exterior. It is crucial to keep in mind the importance of the paint’s capability to protect your home over the long term, while also decorating your walls elegantly.

Apart from picking a good colour scheme, you also have to think about the right texture and sheen level. While there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer, there are some determining factors that will help you achieve your desired results.

Textured vs Smooth Finish:

Exterior Paint texture

Smooth Exterior Finish: A paint with a smooth finish such as Duraklad, is always advisable to maximize washability and minimize the build up of dirt/ dust. Walls with a smooth finish are generally easier to maintain.

Textured Exterior Finish:  A fine textured paint such as Weathertex is very common because of its durability and sand-like texture effect, but it can be more challenging to maintain. Dust particles tend to find their way into the textured particles of the paint. The overall roughness of the wall might also make it more challenging to keep clean.

A great option to consider if you want to have textured walls without the maintenance challenge, is to apply a fine textured paint (Weathertex) on the first coat and then use a smooth-finish paint (Duraklad) on the second coat. This will leave your walls with the desired texture, but also the high washability of Duraklad.

Sheen Level:


Medium/Low Sheen: A medium or low sheen finish product such as Duraklad has some surface light-reflection, but usually not that intense. It is definitely the best option if you want to be left with a finish that is easy to clean and generally durable.

The only downside of using a sheen product, is the fact that it will pronounce any imperfections from the wall’s surface, such as uneven plaster.

Matt: A matt finish barely reflects any light. It creates a very flat look, which can be great at hiding surface imperfections. 

The downside of using a matt finish would be its lower washability, but using a premium quality matt paint can still be a great option for exterior walls.

Things to keep in mind:

Opting for a cheaper paint: This is one mistake you do not want to make when repainting. In the short term you might think that you’re saving some money by going for a cheaper paint, but it will only leave you wasting time and money to fix problems down the line.

Geographical location: The exterior of your home is in a constant battle with nature. That is why you should carefully pick a product that is suitable for the specific area your home is located in, and also the weather conditions that are common in that area.

Important properties of a quality exterior paint:

  • Durable and elastic paint film
  • UV-Resistance
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Washability and scrubbability 

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