The easiest way to give your kitchen a whole new look is by repainting them. It has the potential to transform the whole room within a tight budget.  By avoiding common mistakes you will make sure that your cabinets don’t end up getting a chipped off and old dirty look.  We have compiled some common cabinet painting mistakes that you should avoid at all costs!


1. Skipping Preperation

This could turn a relatively straight forward DIY job into a kitchen nightmare. Be sure to take time to understand exactly what preparation work needs to be done. This can include sanding, cleaning, surface filling, etc.

2. Not Using Primer

This can cause your final paint coating to peel off and not adhere to the cabinets properly. The primer is essential to create a barrier between the underlying surface and paint. Always be sure to use the right type of primer for the cabinets you are painting.

3. Not Taking The Doors Off

If you want to do a proper job with this project, be sure to take the cabinet doors off before painting. This will allow you to paint on every surface of the cabinet. This also makes it easier to keep the painted doors in a spot where they can’t be damaged while drying.

4. Forgetting To Label The Parts

Labeling each door and piece of hardware that you took apart will make it a breeze to reassemble it once again after painting. Place all screws and attachments in a suitable container.

5. Using The Wrong Top Coat

Make sure you know exactly what type of finish you are looking to get and choose your paint accordingly. It is always a better idea to go with a more glossy/ sheen finish as it will be a lot easier to clean and maintain.

1. Painting A Very Thick Coat

The best approach is to apply various thin layers to give a more chip resistant finish, as it is easier to break of a single thick coat of paint

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